Want to score a lovely and bouncy curled hairstyle? Let Euro Sense give you the perfect perming service that last. With our latest perming techniques and high-quality hair-perming solutions, your curly hair will stay as lovely as it was.

Spa Perm is an award-winning ringlet solution that aims to keep your curls hydrated and silky through cold treatments. Often, with heat treatment, curls become dry and brittle overtime. As such, Euro Sense has introduced Spa Perm, a combination of hair spa and styling, for smooth and silky long-lasting waves.


Collagen Perm (Digital)

Collagen Perm breaks through conventional methods in perming and helps to repair the hair during the perm. Collagen polymer nourishes the hair to prevent brittle hair ends after perming and gives your hair a hydration boost. It restores damaged hair structure, giving your hair a luxurious feel.