Terms and Conditions



The policy of the sales & purchase of the goods and services stated on the Invoice is defined hereunder for the protection and satisfactory of our customers:

Quality of Good & Services
1 Our product & services are as specified and we ensure quality control in the purchases.
2 Our product are in good quality and within validity date fo good usage at the point of sales.
3 All treatment services rendered are by our qualified and trained personnel (consultant / therapist / massuese).
4 Advance appointment booking is required to ensure smooth operation. We will have the customers’ treatment objectives in mind to advice on the scheduling of their appointments.
5 Re-scheduling or cancellation of appointment by either party due to unforeseen circumstances, need to be at least 3 days in advance to avoid unsuccessful arrangement. At all time, we will arrange to our best endeavors, to fit in the desired dateand time of appointment for our customers.
6 Customer will endorse their satisfactory of services received upon completion of each treatment in the invidual customer record file.
7 After a trial treatment, when the customer is satisfied with the service and the offer of the sales, she/he will then enroll in a suitable treatment package recommended by our personnel.
8 We accord a cooling off period of 5 days to allow customers to cancel, transfer or exchange the purchased service package,if deemed necessary.
9 All prices, discounts, promotional or special offers, are stated clearly on the Invoice.
10 A la carte price list for products and treatment services are available for reference from our personnel.
11 Any alternation, amendment, revision and transfer of single treatment or treatment packages may be subjected to additional costs by the customers, when necessary.
12 All purchases are non-refundable unless otherwise approved by the Management.

Deposits / Cancellations / Validity
13 An initial deposit of not less than 25% will be require to confirm the customers’ interest to reserve the purchases.
14 Prior to treatment / package commencement, if the customers request for cancellation / refund, there will be an admisnistration fee of 25% of the purchase amount.
15 For cancellation / refund after the commencement of treatment package, there will be an administrative and cancellation fee of 50% based on the unutilized treatment package’s value.
16 All utilised treatments for refund cases, if approved, shall base on ala-carte listed price to calculate the monetary balance,
17 Any complimentary treatments and products that comes with a package offer; will be chargeable based on ala-carte listed price if the refund is approved.

Payment Terms
18 Full payment of purchases is required upon confirmation of sales.
19 Customers have a choice of making payment by cash, NETS, credit cards, cheques and installment plans by selected banks credit card.
20 All billing transactions will be in accordance to the Invoice and confirmed by the customers.

Confidentiality of information
21 The company assures that all personal particulars, information, treatment records and transactions of the customers are private and handled in strict confidence.
22 The sole purpose of collecting and maintaining our customer’s data is for the company’s usage to provide services, information and transaction to the individual. The company shall not disclose the customer’s information to other party for other commercial purposed without the customer’s consent.

23 In the event of a relocation of service outlet, the company shall officially inform the existing customers of the respective outlet and transfer their unutilized packages to the new outlet or another of the company’s outlet of their choice.

24 The company warrants our goods & services according to the Invoice and treatment records. The customer shall endorse the transactions and services to confirm their satisfaction.